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Our purpose is to provide the visual art community with critique to help them improve. This club also allows an artist to get their art seen by others. We are a club that accepts all styles of drawings, sculptures, traditional art, digital art, etc.

Anyone can join, and you do not have to submit art to be a member of the club!
To join...go here first
1. Click the 'Join Group' button.
2. You will automatically be approved.
3. Start submitting.

Art that can be Submitted
1. Traditional
2. Digital
3. Sculpture
4. 3D

1. Anime/Cartoon
2. Black and White
3. Realism
4. Basically any style you can think of.

Objects in the drawing
1. People
2. Landscape
3. Objects/Weapons/Tools
4. Vehicles
5. Clothing
6. Everything you can think of.  

You will be judged on these categories.
1. Line
2. Color
3. Shape
4. Value
5. Proportion
6. Design
7. Originality
8. Impact
9. Background.
10. Effort

(Each piece will be judged with a different set of criteria. Black and White arts will not be judged on color for the most part.)

"Skill" Ladder
10- Amazing, basically "perfect."
9- Amazing, but needs a tiny bit of work.
8- Wow, some things need re-looking.
7- Still wow, but there are some errors.
6- Slightly above average.
5- Average, not wow, but not bad.
4- Slightly Below average, but still has value.
3- Needs a lot of work, but has a lot of potential and effort put forth.
2- Has a lot of effort.
1- Needs a ton of work, has a bit of effort.
0- Is not accepted. This is for people who steal artworks, trace, etc. This is also for those who have obviously put no effort forth.

More rules can be found here…
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January 24, 2011


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